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The Pull List: All-New Captain America Soars Into Action


Welcome to The Pull List, a weekly column where we check out a first isssue and tell you whether or not to follow that comic based only on that. This week saw the much anticipated introduction of Sam Wilson, A.K.A. The Falcon, as the new Captain America. This is especially notable because Sam Wilson, for those not in the know, is African American. Progress!

We Might Know Who the New Joker and Harley Quinn Are


With a new Batman on the scene, it was only a matter of time before DC and WB found a new movie Joker. While it seems unlikely that he'll have anything more than a brief cameo (if that) in 2016's Batman V. Superman, it sounds like Warner Bros. has already started casting for the role, and Harley Quinn might not be very far behind.

In Our Disturbing Conclusion, It Was Hitler All Along... or Something [Podcast]


We've been following this story for a few weeks now, and our adventuring sprits are weary. But we promise you this is the glorious conclusion to Phoebe's tale of mystery and horror. Whether that's death or victory is something you'll have to listen for yourself.

Speaking with Comics Workbook: The Reading, Curating, and Crafting of Indie Comics


Independent comics undoubtedly has dozens of so-called 'cutting edges,' but most everyone in the community can agree: Comics Workbook is a fine curated-comics Tumblr, and the Comics Workbook magazine is a must-read. Today we're talking rising stars, the necessity of comics courses, and more with Zach Mason and Andrew White, editors of the magazine.

22 Biggest Geek Culture Conventions in the World


Anyone who's ever attended San Diego Comic-Con (or gawked at the aerial photographs of the lines) will probably tell you that this event has to be the geek community's premier gathering spot. After all, where else can you see the Avengers 2 trailer early? But did you know that in terms of attendance, Comic-Con doesn't even rank in the top five for nerdy events? Or that it's not even the biggest one in the US?

Nerdist Writer Panel: Comics Edition Entertains and Stimulates Conversation at Comikaze


At this year's Comikaze expo in Los Angeles, the Nerdist Writer's Panel podcast brought a very special Comic's Edition of their popular web show. Participants for the live recording included Ben Blacker, co-creator of The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Len Weincreator of iconic comic characters such as Wolverine and Swamp Thing, Adam Beechen, writer for popular shows such as Teen Titans, and Heath Corson, writer of Justice League: War.

Did We Just Get Chased Through the Forest by Batman? [Podcast]


Things really take a weird turn in this installment of the Phoebe story. We discover an age-old battle of good versus evil, and encounter multiple deadly foes. Will this story just go on for eternity, or will we finally embrace death?

We're Leaving the Girl Behind and Gaining Ground on the Woman [Podcast]


The Adventures of Phoebe McGee continue as we spend a lot of time talking to an old woman, witnessing a bird fight, and possibly hurdling off a cliff to our doom. Suddenly the ominous ocean doesn't seem so bad.

We're On an Island, and Everything Wants to Kill Us [Podcast]


It's 1937, and we're a lonely girl on an island off the coast of Maine. There's no dungeons or spaceships in this week's story, but there is an ocean, a lighthouse and some old people. That's basically the same thing, right?

One-Panel Review: Sergio Toppi's 'The Collector'--Hellboy and Indiana Jones Walk into a Western...


In One-Panel Review, we review a new comic through a single frame; this week, it's Sergio Toppi's charming, high adventure saga, The Collector, in which our Collector scours the world in search of fabulous artifacts of history and mythology. Toppi's long been a legendary figure in comics worldwide, making this recent translation a godsend to English-speaking readers.

The Pull List: Memetic #1 Delivers Visions of an Internet Apocalypse [Second Opinion]


Welcome to The Pull List, a weekly column where we check out a first isssue and tell you whether or not to follow that comic based only on that. The internet has been around for a fairly long time now, and yet we rarely see stories that try to approach internet and internet culture in a semi-serious fashion. Memetic is not afraind to do so, however.

The Pull List: Memetic Won't Be Going Viral Anytime Soon


Welcome to The Pull List, a weekly column where we check out a first isssue and tell you whether or not to follow that comic based only on that. BOOM! Studios' latest series, Memetic, posits an apocalypse via internet meme. While the premise seems ripe enough, the execution does nothing you wouldn't draw up yourself in five minutes on a napkin.

Friendship is Magic, But We Have Sh*t to Do! [Podcast]


We're switching it up this week with a triple-header of short story adventures! Step with us into Julius Caesar's sandals and try not to get assassinated. Then grab your ball gown for a Victorian-era journey through Pride and Prejudice. Then help us save a cat planet by overthrowing its evil dictator.

One-Panel Review: Hugh and Kerascoet's 'Beauty' is Minimal and Terrifying


In One-Panel Review, we look at and review a new comic through a single frame; this week we're looking at Beauty, a graphic novel about an ugly peasant with a classic case of monkey's paw wish-making. It has the stark drama (and horror) of H.C. Andersen tales, expanded to the length of a saga, drawn in minimally gorgeous designs.

5 Places To Sate Your Nerd Thirst In And Around Boulder


I recently moved to Boulder, Colorado, which means that I've had to find new venues to feed my movie, comics and music fetishes. Rather than hoard this information for myself, I figured I would share my findings with all of you. After all, whether you're a resident or a visitor there's always things to discover in the city. Be sure to give me a ring if you're in the area.


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