Fresh Goo - Music Droppings from the Week of 2/12

Welcome back to this week's freshest Fresh Goo, now fortified with Slasher Flicks, cooked entirely in Cage the Elephant, and with a reduction of Cherry Glazerr. 

"White's Not My Color This Evening" - Cherry Glazerr
Contents: Early Kills, Dream Pop, Delinquent goons from 80s action flicks
The riffs are sharp, the melody is caustic, but the winner's in the versatile vocals.


"Blindsided" - Torn Hawk
Contents: Cold Cave, Lo-Fi, Bubbleswords
Deeply satisfying groove; the drums have the right punch, with the roughness in production adding melancholy.


"The Sacred Burial Urn" - Cull
Contents: Bruce Lee Soundtracks, Beat'em'Ups, Tame Impala
What the hell we have here, I'm not quite sure. Something with beefy bass, liquified effects, and bits of Secrets of Magic Revealed TV-specials.


"Spiderhead" - Cage the Elephant
Contents: tyrannosaurs rexes, big stars, and black keys
Second single from upcoming third album Melohobia; energetic and potent


"Crayons and Antidotes" - Spaceship Studios
Contents: Animal Collective, colored balloons, drummer that won't quit.
Haven't heard a vocal ripping like that since the heyday of Walkmen


"Une cassette de St-Valentin" - Carl-Éric Hudon et Ariane Zita
Contents: Iron and Wine, Valentines Day chalk candy heart things, wood floors
Thirteen tracks of this on a tape: emergency Valentines gift.


"Little Fang" - Slasher Flicks
Contents: Hawaii, Clowns, Avey Tare
I can't tell if he's laughing at me or not, as usual.


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Too power
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