6 Long Delayed Games That Might Never Happen

The world of game development is exceptionally cutthroat. While most games come and go with varying amounts of pomp and circumstance, some titles get big announcements but then never make it off the drawing board. These games are loosely organized under the term "vaporware," which, in layman’s terms, means that they are floating around in developmental hell, not officially cancelled but not about to see the light of day anytime soon.

The following games, for better or for worse, all received some sort of release announcement and hype but, as of this writing, are still shackled in the dank dungeons of gaming purgatory.

1. Beyond Good & Evil 2 (Platforms Unknown)

This one was originally announced at Ubidays back in May 2008 as the sequel to Xbox/PS2/GameCube game Beyond Good & Evil. The Beyond Good & Evil franchise was initially intended to be a trilogy of games, but development on the second one was shelved for years when the first title didn’t come close to the publisher's sales expectations. 

According to series creator Michel Ancel, the game’s status at the time of the announcement was a “pre-production stage,” and that the difficulty of the game will be ratcheted down to avoid the poor sales figures of the original title. Following the release of a reveal trailer in 2008, Ubisoft fell silent on any updates as to the status of Beyond Good & Evil 2. In 2011, three years after the initial announcement of the sequel, Michel Ancel stated on GameTrailers TV that he was waiting for next-gen consoles for “the power to deliver the experience he wants from the game”. 

As of this writing, he has not commented on whether or not Nintendo’s Wii U has the hardware power he’s looking for.

2. Heat (Xbox 360, PS3)

Heat was intended to be an action-crime thriller game based off Regency Entertainment’s movie of the same name and was initially announced at E3 way back in 2006. The game has been floating around in various stages of development limbo for years. Titan Productions had plans in place to bring some of the Heat film’s voice actors on board and the game’s status as either a prequel or sequel was to be determined by which of those talents agreed to work on the project. If it sounds confusing, that’s because it is. At the time of the press release, Titan claimed they were in advanced talks with representatives for Al Pacino, Robert De Nero and Val Kilmer for them to be a part of the project. 

Interestingly enough, the last studio known to be working on the game was Gearbox, the same minds behind the horribly-received (and most infamous) vaporware title in gaming history Duke Nukem Forever

The last bit of news we received on Heat came at the Borderlands Press Event back in July 2009, where Gearbox founder Randy Pichford reiterated that the development of the game was in perpetual standstill and that Gearbox would not be retaining the rights to the property. It is generally assumed, based on pre-existing information, that Pacino, De Nero and Kilmer would still be open to working on the title should the IP ever be picked up by a different studio. 

3. Call of Duty Action-Adventure Game (Platforms Unknown)

Back in March 2010, Activision announced via a press release that a new Call of Duty game was being developed by Sledgehammer Games. As opposed to being yet another first-person, kill-ever-breathing-human-in-sight game, this title (known only as “Call of Duty 8”) was intended to be an action-adventure game based on the war experiences of real soldiers that were apparently being interviewed for the project.  

While new Call of Duty titles are about as rare as pigeon crap in New York, the idea of an action-adventure COD game is intriguing. Alas, Sledgehammer was eventually called upon to assist with the creation of Modern Warfare 3 and no information about “Call of Duty 8” has been released since. As far as I can tell, the project hasn’t been cancelled, leaving the status of the game unknown. 




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