5 Star Wars: Episode VII Character Names Revealed on Retro-Looking Trading Cards

The names of the new Star Wars characters who were featured in the Force Awakens trailer last month have been revealed... in the weirdest way possible. They're featured on a series of trading cards harkening back to the old Topps series from the 70s. Awesome, but also confusing.

Update: JJ Abrams has confirmed that the numbering on the cards has some significance. Any ideas?

1. Kylo Ren

That evil-looking Jedi from the trailer? "His" name is Kylo Ren, which seems to debunk the speculation that it might be Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie's character. That is, unless this is some intentional misdirection from Abrams (because it's not like he's ever done that before).

2. Finn

John Boyega's character only gets a first name, Finn. That makes me wonder if, along with Daisy Ridley's character (see below), they might be hiding some relation to other Star Wars characters by leaving out the last names. In any case, let the Star Wars/Adventure Time fan art commence!

The trading card also states that he's "on the run." That, combined with the distinctive sound of an imperial probe droid in the trailer makes it seem like he's on the run from the Empire. I'm guessing he's not actually a Stormtrooper.

3. Rey

Daisy Ridley meanwhile is just Rey (but perhaps... Rey Solo?). Her card doesn't reveal much more unfortunately.

4. BB-8

He's definitely not at R2. That rolling little fella is named BB-8, and he's got places to be.

5. Poe Dameron

Oscar Isaac's character (the guy piloting the X-Wing in the trailer) is named Poe Dameron, which I don't mean to stereotype, but that sounds like a bad guy's name if I ever heard one. I have no evidence to back that up, but come on... Poe Dameron? Why not just Evil McBadpants?

Three More Bonus Cards

These don't reveal anything we didn't already know, but because they're awesome, here are three more cards from the "set" featuring more scenes from the teaser.


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