Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer #2: Shot-by-Shot Analysis and Breakdown

The second Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer has arrived, and despite the fact that it's shorter than the first, Marvel has managed to cram in a lot of little details. Read on for a shot-by-shot breakdown of everything in there (or if you just want to watch the trailer, spoiler-free, that's below too).

First, here's that trailer, breakdown below that.

Before proceeding, do remember that as always there will be potential spoilers!

Hawkeye leads an evacuation...

... into some kind of giant vehicle. With SHIELD gone though, I guess we are left to assume that this is probably Stark Tech.

Over this scene we hear Tony Stark: "This vulnerable world, needs something more powerful than any of us."

It is heavily rumored that the movie will kick-off with a HYDRA attack by Baron Strucker (the Nazi-ish guy from the Winter Soldier mid-credits scene), and will likely involve the twins: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. This will lead to Stark creating an army of robotic sentries to help police the world, which will in turn lead to Ultron himself.

Next we see Captain America.

Check out the new Avengers insignia on his shoulder.

Hawkeye looking sad.

Then Ultron (and the lovely voice of James Spader): "Everyone always creates the thing they dread."

That line makes no sense, but it sounds really cool.

Tony Stark stepping into a lab or warehouse of some kind, stocked full of missiles.

Looking up at something.

And finally a shot of a broken robot coming back online...

Stumbling into Avengers Tower...

And finally crashing the party. Bruce Banner calls it "Ultron," looks to Tony, and everyone seems surprised to see him. That seems to imply that they're all aware that Ultron existed at some point. My guess is that Tony Stark either decommissioned him on purpose, or he was destroyed in a battle of some kind, but somehow didn't "die."

Ultron's robot pals ruin everything. Notice the Avengers insignia on Ultron's broken chest-piece.

A big explosion. It definitely doesn't look like Avengers Tower though. Instead, it looks more like the setting of that evacuation from the beginning of the trailer.




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