Brace Yourselves — Microsoft's Version of 'Game of Thrones' Is On Its Way

Big televised fantasy epics that transcend the genre to become beloved, international sensations? Pshh, no big deal. Microsoft thinks it knows exactly what it takes to strike nerd gold: ambition and cockiness  — but mainly just the cockiness.

The lady with the plan is Nancy Tellem, newly appointed president of Microsoft's entertainment and digital media. She's set herself with the not inconsiderable task of bringing a Game of Thrones-like series to Xbox Entertainment Studios, but don't worry about her. She's handling the pressure like a (dillusional? competent? blissfully ignorant?) champ. 

"I have the ambition to make a show as dynamic as Game of Thrones," she told onlookers at the Power Women Breakfast in Beverly Hills. And that pesky budget issue? Well, it's apparently a non-issue for Tellem. She was quick to confess that her allocated budget was "enough for me to do my job, let's just say."

Of course, it should go without saying that fantasy source material like Game of Thrones doesn't grow on trees. (Any takers for a convoluted adaptation of Robert Jordan's sprawling Wheel of Time series? No? Didn't think so.) And going with an original tale could be a dangerous gamble, but we'll just have to wait and see what Tellem and co. come up with. For the time being, I don't think our Westeros gang has much to worry about. 


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