Channel Surfer: Top 10 Best TV Shows of 2014 [Season Finale]

Like we said at the start of the Channel Surfer, Season 3, it was all downhill from here. Channel Surfer is cutting its season short this year, but not before listing the very best Television programs of 2014.

*This excludes any online-only programming, such as provided by Netflix or Hulu Plus

10. Walking Dead

From what I hear, Walking Dead had a jaw dropping mid-season finale. However, the key phrase is “from what I hear.” I actually stopped watching Walking Dead halfway through season 3, so I can’t really speak for its more recent quality. But hey, I gatta fill this list up somehow.

9. The Flash

The Flash is perhaps the biggest surprise of the Great Superhero TV Flood of 2014. Out of all the comic shows announced, from Gotham to Constantine, I’m not sure many people were betting on The Flash to outrun the competition. But Grant Gustin has proved to be a very charming Scarlet Speedster, and the people at the CW have proven once again that they are the experts at bringing larger than life heroes to the silver screen.

8. Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who has received somewhat of a lukewarm reception. Portraying an older, sterner Doctor, Capaldi is less Tumblr friendly than his predecessors. But for a show to survive, it has to evolve, and this season’s more horror oriented stories (with a few trips to Sherwood Forest thrown in there), have proven to be quiet exhilarating. With a new companion on the way, and Capaldi contracted for at least one more season, the future of Doctor Who is looking very bright.

7. The Colbert Report

It’s hard to list The Colbert Report on a top 10 list because his show has always been the best thing on Television. He’s included in any best of list by default. But in his final year, Colbert has interviewed Smaug the Dragon, Lady Gaga, President Barrack Obama, and even assassinated death itself, becoming effectively immortal. Of course, he was always immortal in our hearts.

6. Mad Men

That’s right, the little show that helped AMC play around with the big boys of Cable TV is finally ending. Well, next year. For some reason, Mad Men is also doing that Half-Final Season bull that Breaking Bad did last year. Personally, I blame Harry Potter. This season was more set up for the finally, with Don hitting rock bottom professionally and having to pathetically claw his way back up. Will he end up killing himself next year? Who knows. But if you want to fully understand why, you’ll need to watch his half of the last season.

5. True Detectives/Fargo/Hannibal/Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

Normally, I exclude Television Shows that I haven’t actually watched from this type of list. But dammit, if other best of list are going to include [insert critical darling here] then so am I. Peer Pressure fo’ life. I mean, who am I to argue with [insert critical darling here]’s award winning performances and stellar writing? What am I, a philistine?

4. The Legend of Korra Book 3: Change

Tempting as it may be, I cannot include both Book 3 and Book 4 on this list. I am enternally grateful for both Nickelodeon and The Legend of Korra showrunners for providing two seasons within months of each other, but I have to have at least some semblance of objectivity. Book 4 was great at the start and at the end, not so much in the middle. Book 3, however, was solid throughout, and will probably stand as the best season of this sequel show overall.

3. Rick and Morty

Picture Back to the Future meets, well, Adult Swim. The premise is that a meek teenager named Morty goes on crazy, often dangerous intergalactic and pan-dimensional adventures with his alcoholic mad scientist grandfather named Rick. It’s dark (really dark at times), but at the same time kinda sweet. It has the emotional heights of a Morel Orel, but with the comedic craziness of a Robot Chicken. Truly, the breakout star of 2014.

2. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

That’s right f!@#, we’re getting classy up in here. A lot of us like the joke and say the society as a whole is getting a lot stupider. Then a show like Cosmos gets greenlite on a major Television Network, and suddenly a little hope enters our mind. For an hour every week, scientist and tweeter master Neil deGrasse Tyson reintroduced us to the wonders of the universe, and the role science play in giving us a better view at the reality around us.

1. Game of Thrones

Hell. I mean, come one. Did you watch this season? Like that time that guy killed that other guy? Or some stuff in the bathroom? What about Arya and the Hound’s besty-adventure? After the really crazy stuff that went down at the end of Season 3, Game of Thrones out did itself yet again in Season 4. Nothing will literally ever be the same, and I for one am counting down the day for Season 5.

Bonus: Over the Garden Wall

Oh my god! I can't believe I forgot to include Over the Garden Wall. People! Go watch this amazing show!

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