Channel Surfer: The Top 5 TV Events of 2014

Howdy 8CNers! Tis’ the season for end of the year lists, and Channel Surfer is here to deliver. We’re starting off this year with the most important, or at least more memorable, Television moments of the year. For levities sake, we’re excluding any news or sports related subjects. Let’s get started!

5. The Legend of Korra Gets Two Seasons, All Digitally

This year, cult favorite, The Legend of Korra, was taken off the air by Nickelodeon. But it wasn’t cancelled. Instead, the show was allowed to release its least two seasons digitally. This was a mixed bag of LoK fans. One the one hand, it allowed their favorite show to get a proper ending. On the other hand, it doesn’t say much for American viewership when one of the best television shows of the decade is forced to ride out its finale on the internet. Still, this year saw two season of Legend of Korra one month apart, and that’s pretty great.

4. The Simpsons/Futurama Crossover

While most bemoaned the absolutely horrific crossover between The Simpsons and Family Guy, one cannot ignore that fact that this year also saw The Simpsons and the Futurama crew finally cross paths. Yes, it wasn’t the 2 hour theatrical epic I envisioned as a young pimply lad while hailing the great and powerful Hypno Toad, but Bender and Homer had a beer together. That made me smile.

3. Gotham, Constantine, and The Flash, Oh My!

2014 saw the broadcast premiere of three comic related superhero shows, along with the continuation of Arrow and Agents of Shield. This may all very well be a fad that goes the way of the western, but consider this. As of right now, we have 5 live-action superhero based TV shows. That’s insane. And the two best ones have the protagonists in full on colorful leather!

2. How I Met Your Mother Finally Ends

It’s an incredibly thing when a TV show makes it to a decade of content, more so today in our fast paced world. But How I Met Your Mother did it. It made it to 9 seasons and did what it promised to do, reveal how the main character met the mother of his children. Sure, the mother was ultimately brushed aside for his hot friend, and yes, this was a giant slap in the face to the fans that made this show possible. But who cares? (p.s. I do. I care so much!!).

1. We Got a New Doctor Who

The coronation of a new Doctor Who is a pretty rare and unpredictable thing. Some actors spend years in the role, other only moments. But 2014 (well, technically Dec 25, 2013), saw the rise of a new Doctor in Peter Capaldi. He was older, grumpy, and had very sharp eyebrow. But his stories were darker, his personality stricter, and his clashes with his companion all the more interesting. Back to basics. Goodbye bowties, hello new kidneys. 

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