Artists You've Never Heard Of: Armor for Sleep

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Starting what I think will become a weekly write-up for me, let's go ahead and reveal the first Artist You've Never Heard Of!

Starting up from the bottom in New Jersey, Armor for Sleep was born from the hard-work of a songwriter and his colleagues. Armor for Sleep was signed in 2002 and was quite popular amongst the "emo-pop" scene, and from listening to them myself I can see why.

The lyrics in their songs are phenomenal -- powerful one-liners and songs that when you get halfway through just hit your mind and can't shake them out. The message of My Saving Grace, my personal favorite at the moment, is something that really just about anyone can relate to: loving someone from afar. And the way that the message is conveyed is simple and pure, there isn't anything over-the-top or obscene -- it really allows for anyone to connect with the lyrics.

Also from their Smile for Them album, Hold the Door is another example of a song that invokes the memories of struggling love. And this isn't just a major "downer" of an artist (neither is this article intending to be), but instead shows just how powerful these emotions can be and how important they are. 

Not just another emo band, Armor for Sleep is the first artist that you may not know, and is definitely worth checking out (there are some videos on YouTube as well).



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