Character Profile: Alana

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Character: Alana

Series: Saga

Publisher: Image

Author: Brian K. Vaughan

Artist: Fiona Staples

Alana was a private first class, until she defected from her home planet’s military to be with her husband, Marko, a prisoner from the other side of the war. From our first encounter with Alana, it is obvious that she is strong willed, and a fighter in all senses of the word. Initially it is to protect her newly created family, but as the series continues, we discover what has made her this way, as well as her loyalty and the lengths that have to be taken for that lloyalty to be broken. Now, her main focus is the safety of her child, Hazel. Though she often has a harsher view towards the world than Marko, he brings her back to the sunnier side of life, even in the middle of a rain storm. When faced with the decision of whether to hide and protect their child or to continue to run in the hopes of a better life, Alana’s answer is very simple, that she wants “to show our child the universe.” Her previous loyalty to the military is now turned to her family, and giving her daughter everything. Through all this, she is guarded, and uses her sexuality and toughness to deflect dealing with serious issues.


I chose Alana for this month’s character profile -- and yes, I intend on doing these on a regular basis -- because she is one of my favorite female characters being written right now. She is unapologetically herself, but still has a plethora of flaws: She is stubborn and refuses to back down; She is passionate almost to a fault, and dedicated fiercely to those who are important to her. Her character encorporates struggles that make her very relatable and interesting. In addition, she is a wonderful example of a female character who is portrayed as tough, vulgar, and combative, as well as feminine, loving and sexy. In other words, as a fully formed person.

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And many many more!


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