Youtuber Spotlight: Dodger

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Youtuber Spotlight is a series dedicated to promoting some of the best Youtube personalities in the Nerdosphere! Todays spotlight is on the wonderfully talented Dodger! 

Welcome to dating sim heaven! Dodger is youtuber of many hats. She games, she crafts, she animes, and occasionally (like always and forever times a billion) will talk about her adorable cats Sherlock and Watson. On the Youtubes you can find her at three different channels, each of which offers a different side of Dodger’s youtube persona.   

 Dodger Daily Byte

On the Polaris Network’s youtube page you can see what she does as her day job. At Polaris, Dodger hosts their daily nerdy news segment entitled “The Daily Byte” where she covers the various goings on in the nerdosphere and offers suggestions on different movies, music or manga to check out at the end of every episode. She also hosts the weekly live streamed show “Friendzone” where she and fellow famous youtubers of various niches play party video games and board games. Did I mention that they are in giant animal onesies the whole time?

 Dex and Watson Cat

On Dexbonus you get the all the kitty cat stuff, it is also where you really get to know Dodger more as an individual person apart from her professional life. Dexbonus is where she talks about her days and what is going on throughout her life and the weird happenings that she experiences in California. She shares recipes, offers advice and talks about all the dramas of being a Youtuber, all while drinking coffee and tea or as she puts it COFFEH and TEH.

 Press Heart To Continue

It is on her third and main channel PressHeartToContinue where, in my opinion, you will see her various talents as an entertainer really shine. As said in the first line of this article, this is the place to be if you love odd dating sims such as “Always Remember Me” and “Hatoful Boyfriend”. Dodger not only plays these while laughing along at their frequent absurdity but she also gives each character a particular odd voice which just adds to hilarity of her let’s plays. Not only does she play games here but she has also created a few unique shows that bring a sense of variety to the channel. For instance her newest show “Welcome to the Fandom” is an exhibit where Dodger takes some vague subgroup of nerd culture such as the Yanderes or the Flowercrown culture and explains the basics of their concept and the history of their subculture.  Dodger also hosts a crafting show called “Swords and Stitches” with her friend and fellow Youtuber Aaron Umetani. On this show they make handmade items themed around videos games, manga, and tv shows. Their most expansive and arguably most impressive project was the Monster Hunter table that they crafted from tearing apart a wooden pallet.

Dodger overall brings a lot of laughs and top quality content to the youtube space, but what will make you stick around is her intelligence, cleverness, and her dedication to her fans. This fox loving cat lady won’t disappoint and is definitely worth the subscribe.  

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Madison R Jones is a writer currently residing in Chicago. He loves wheat crackers, green tea, cosplay, and dancing like a fool.

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