In Deep Space, Body Slamming is Always an Option [Podcast]

Come aboard our faster-than-light spaceship for a journey that bends the laws of space and time! Seriously though, distorted reality and time travel are only the beginning of our worries in this week's chilling tale.



Choosing our own adventures is what we do best, but will we survive this week’s quest? Eric blesses us with some good ol’ sci-fi in the form of Light Space by tsmpaul, courtesy of Our custom characters this week are a tabby cat (Jen), a luchadore (Eric) and the Gingerbread Man (Peter).

Will we escape the strange whiteness of Light Space? There’s only one way to find out! Grab a blanket, snuggle up and prepare to start thinking with portals.

Peter Dibble's picture
Peter is all things to all people. More specifically, he is the co-host and editor of your two favorite podcasts, Funk Radio and Go Your Own Way.
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