How to Play Team Fortress 2's Robot Destruction Mode

Valve is letting players beta test their new game mode, Robot Destruction, on a new map called Asteroid. The mode has players scoring points by destroying NPC robots, while also attempting to steal points from the enemy team. It's probably one of the most complicated game modes right now, so don't worry if you popped in and have no idea what's going on. Here's a quick guide on how to get started with Robot Destruction.

Note!The map is still in beta, so any of this is subject to change as Valve continues to test the new game mode.

Scoring Points

Two teams compete to be the first to reach 300 points, there is no time limit in this game mode. Points are primarily scored by invading the enemy team's base and destroying their robots.


Each team's base has non-player robots wandering around. Unlike the Mann vs. Machine bots, these do not fight back, and will try to run away if attacked. Destroying one causes it to drop a preset number of "Cores," which translate to points once they're picked up. Cores will disappear if they aren't picked up quickly enough.

Tip! Disguised spies cannot pick up cores.

Each robot has 500 HP, and comes in one of three varieties: A (drops 5 cores), B (15 cores), and C (25 cores). You can identify each type by their size and letter marking.

Each letter group needs to be cleared before moving on to the next one. For example, you cannot attack B robots until all of the enemy A ones are destroyed. The locked letter groups will appear as "Ubered" and are invulnerable to all attacks.

 As you clear these groups, doors labeled A, B, and C will open up in the enemy base, giving you more ways to get around.

Tip! Robots regenerate health, so don't spend time attacking them unless you can finish them off (and collect the cores)!

All three groups of robots on both teams respawn on their own timers, meaning if you kill all the A's, but don't manage to kill all the B's in time, you won't be able to reach the C group.

Stealing Cores

Aside from killing robots, you can also earn points for your team by stealing cores from the enemy.

Each team's base has a Reactor Core. There are three paths into this room, one of which is guarded by a set of moving laser beams you need to navigate past, and two paths out.

Standing on top of the enemy Reactor Core will gradually drain the opposing team's score; all the way to zero if you sit there long enough. Once you leave the spot, the Reactor Core acts like the Intelligence Briefcase in capture the flag.

Tip! Scouts can go through the lasers using Bonk, Spies can use the Dead Ringer, Heavies can survive the damage with Fists of Steal, and all other classes can use a Medic's Uber.

Taking it back to your own Reactor Core will give your team all of the points you stole. If you die while carrying it, it will drop like the briefcase, and a timer will begin to count down. If it's not recovered by your team within that time frame, the points and the Reactor Core will return to the enemy.

Misc. Hints

Robots do not take random critical hits and do not bleed. Otherwise, weapons will always due max damage to robots.

Robots can't be back stabbed, sapped, Jarate'd, Mad Milk'd, or taunt killed right now.

In addition to Cores, Robots will also drop metal and ammo when they die.

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