Incredible! Super Mario 64 Beaten in Less Than 7 Minutes [Video]

Insanity! The following video demonstrates what is apparently a world record 0-Star speed run through Super Mario 64 by user Xiah via

Using a combination of tricks and glitches (that some players will recognize instantly) a huge set of balls and some of the most outright ridiculous platforming skills I've ever seen, this guy (or gal) completely blows through the game, even bypassing the Lakitu cameraguy introduction at the beginning of the game

There's jumps through walls, glitches through doors, and at one point this incredible player even voluntarily lands on lava, using the damaging bounce as a launchpad to skip a section of the second Bowser World. The in-game text is not in English, though it matters little as none of it was on-screen long enough to read, regardless of what language it was in!

The record was set back in March 2014 and, to my knowledge, still stands today. If you're looking for something to marvel at in the world of gaming on a random Thursday, why not this? 

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