Look Out World: Spider-Man May Just Be Joining The Avengers After All

While some of you may be downright sick of hearing about Spider-Man, this next bit of news might just change your tune. Everyone’s favorite neighborhood web-slinger might be wall-crawling his way straight into the Avengers universe.

There’s speculation aplenty coming in from those hooligans at Latino Review, who were at the forefront of the much talked about rumors regarding the fate of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise and its star, Andrew Garfield. 

According to the folks at Latino Review, there’s a deal in place that will see Spider-Man (finally) swing his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe via a long-fated encounter with the Avengers. 

So what’s the deal with Andrew Garfield?

Well, as far as we can tell, that’s still up in the air. The previously cited report shoots down the rumors going around that Garfield and previous Spider-Man franchise star Tobey Maguire were to meet in a Spider-Men style mash up, though it’s easy to see how one could buy into said rumors on the heels of Sony wanting to do an Aunt May secret agent movie. 

Stop teasing; What movies can we expect to see him in?

It goes without saying that the whole clusterduck between Marvel and Sony over Spider-Man prevented the web-slinger from getting in on any Civil War action but if the rumors pan out, we’d see Spidey debut in the epic Infinity War two-part saga. 

You’re serious? 

The report states that exact details and/or paper trails are unattainable (as per usual with rumors) but with the nitty-gritty between Sony and Marvel seemingly hammered out, the next-logical move would be to get Spidey into the MCU as fast as possible, with the best scenario being Infinity Wars

So, what does that mean for the next Spider-Man reboot?

Well, I’m not exactly crying a river over the idea of (yet another) Spider-Man rebooting but it seems like the planned 2016 Spidey movie is either going to be a co-op project with Sony and Marvel or it may get cancelled outright. Either way, the original plan with a 2016 reboot has been changed. 

What do you guys think? Are you ready to see Spider-Man finally join the rest of the Avengers in the MCU? 


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