Photos & Video from the Steven Universe Nucleus Gallery + Rebecca Sugar's Ukulele Set!

Last Saturday night, Los Angeles' Gallery Nucleus hosted a Steven Universe/Adventure Time tribute art show with signings by Grace Kraft, Coleman Engle, and Rebecca Sugar herself! The show boasted a line of attendees around the block three hours early, and not for nothing: aside from the signings, the crowd was treated to an intimate ukulele set from Ms. Sugar (featuring alternate versions of all your favorite SU and AT melodies!) as well as a prize raffle, and of course, the most beautiful collection of Steven fanart on this or any other coast. Check out our favorite pieces and video footage of the ukulele show!

If I ever had the inclination to rank fanbases or hand out awards (Most Canon-Crazy, Most Mountain Dew-Scented), Steven Universe and Adventure Time take home the prize for 'Nicest Damn Folk Ever,' and probably 'Most Diverse Fan Demographic Ever.' While in line I had the pleasure of speaking to two such fans who flew in all the way from Seattle just for the gallery, and would be flying home that same night. It was a mother-daughter duo, Anna and Anita respectively, their ages decades apart but geeking out like high-school friends. They waxed poetic with their devotion, which went far beyond 'it's a great series' to 'it got me through my first college year,' to 'I think I want to be an artist.' And the same went for a ton of people in line, sitting on lawn chairs with their sketch-books, doodling the most amazingly professional-looking gift illustrations for Rebecca and friends. 

Basically, if you dislike Steven Universe, it's gonna be bad times ahead for you, because a horde of cartoonists, illustrators, and animators are coming, and their dreams are full of gems and hotdogs.

The Person You Are Together - Grace Kraft

Gmaj7 - Jeff Liu

Stargazers - Sabrina Scott

Ah, wall-to-wall with Steven Universe done up in pastel, glass, and wood, and the awed faces of attendees. Understandably, as there was plenty to be excited about; the show had in-store signings from Steven Universe artist Coleman Engle, fan artist-turned-cover artist Grace Kraft, and of course, Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar herself, who was all-smiles herself for the entirety of the tabling. Fans eagerly whipped out their copies of Steven Universe issue #1, available at the show with a limited edition alternate cover, along with another cover printed with doodle-friendly paper.

Gallery Nucleus also hosted raffle events, with prizes that varied from toys like Fionna and Cake Pop! figurines, to miscellaneous swag like an Adventure Time dog leash, to priceless pieces like a Steven Universe zine, put together by the show's cast and crew specifically for the gallery event. Damn. Straight. Oh, and true story--the raffle was interrupted when a little girl was brought to the stage who'd lost her parents. Yep, about seven bizarre minutes went by as our kind host nervously called for the involved parents to step up and claim the night's oddest raffle prize, but the reunion between little girl and IRRESPONSIBLE OLDER BROTHER was quite touching nonetheless.

The night's undisputed highlight was, of course, a live in-store performance of songs from both Steven Universe and Adventure Time by Rebecca Sugar, story editor Bob Levin, and storyboard artist Jeff Liu. We have all the songs from the first set available here, including an alternate version of the SU Theme that will air with series' August 21st return, a rendition of "Giant Woman," an extended cut of "Daddy Why Did You Eat My Fries" (with lyrics that hint more towards her relationship with Abadeer: "Daddy / Why did you make me / If you're not gonna take me / For a burger and shake"), "I'm Just Your Problem", and a song from the upcoming SU episode "Coach Steven."

If you can't tell from the video (sorry about the quality), Ms. Sugar has a remarkable singing voice, and clearly has tons of fun performing them live. I'm looking forward to the day we get some sort of concert event going on for Steven Universe/Adventure Time and all other related shows, because that would rock so much ass.

Gallery Nucleus hosts a ton of these shows, like a Guardians of the Galaxy art book signing earlier in the day, and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle tribute show last month, and they're all of exceptional quality. The gallery has tons of ties to respected artists in the field, and there's usually quite a few unexpected goodies as well (original TMNT arcade machine YES YES YES). All in all, the Steven Universe/Adventure Time show was a resounding success--Rebecca Sugar is nothing but charm and appreciation for her fans, and the art was absolutely fabulous; check out my favorites below, and check out the Nucleus page for print orders!

Ballet - Julia Srednicki

Beach Pearl - Lauren Zuke

Our First Adventure - JJ Harrison

What is Acceptabaaal - Anthony Wu

Sunset on Rosie's Hill - Grace Kraft



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