Songs They Send Us: The Majestic Loneliness of Peacock Affect

People send us songs. We pass them on to you. Because we love you.

Peacock Affect, the pesudonym under which mysterious UK songwriter George Holman operates, is poised to release a double A-side single next month and I couldn't be more excited. Featuring lonesome, meandering songs that wind through the nether regions of a young man's tortured heart, Holman's work shimmers with the desolate vibes of Mark Kozelek at his most delicate and neglected.

From the press release: "George has been writing music from his home in Exter since he was sixteen. Influenced by Elliot Smith and The Smiths, George's music stems from melodies that he picks on the guitar and lyrics that flow directly from his feelings... As someone who has experience emotional struggles and mental health issues, George uses music as a means of coping with them.

"I think my best songs comes from a really deep and horrible place," says Holman. "I really don't think I would write anything if I hadn't suffered from any mental illness. Creating is cathartic."

The single will be released next month.

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