Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer Recreated in GTA V [Video]

If there is one bright shining spot to be found among all the trash on YouTube, it's the creativity of a select bunch of talented video editors. 

The inevitable has finally happened; someone decided to recreate the Star Wars: Episode VII trailer in all of its glory. And it wasn't just hastily cut together. It was painstakingly reimagined in the sandbox world of Grand Theft Auto V.

Why was the trailer remade in a GTA game? Because the internet shows its love for things through overexposure and subtle mocking. Now, if we can just get Rockstar to put some damn Stormtroopers in the game...

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Mr. Quinn Gammon is a writer of varying interests, most of which are nerdy. He enjoys comics, movies about comics, TV shows about comics, pro wrestling, shows about pro wrestling, games about pro wrestling, video games in general, Neapolitan ice cream and movies about Neapolitan ice cream (because they DO exist) and is currently plotting to take over the world using a combination of the Thu'um, forbidden Jutsu, and the White Tigerzord from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
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