The Super Circuitcast! 01/07/14! Favorite Games of 2014 and Most Anticipated Games of 2015! [Podcast]

Hello listeners! I know the holidays are always hard on all of us, and the Super Circuitcast crew took a few weeks off, but now they're back with a double helping of Circuitcast goodness! Listen below as Matt, Moo, Rami, Ryan, and Sean discuss their favorite games of 2014 and their most anticapted games of 2015 in two different, but equally important, episodes!

Favorite Games of 2014:

Most Anticipated Games of 2015:


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Matt Overstreet is a writer and creator, who's been with the 8CN since the very beginning. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and enjoys watching bad Nic Cage movies, playing too many video games, and reading silly books. You can follow him on twitter, if you are so inclined: @chilidog0.
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