Vampires, Italians, and the Worst Ending We Could Imagine [Go Your Own Way E10]

We're halfway down the Tower of Riddles, but even more treacherous magic lies ahead! Listen in as we solve the riddles that lead to our glorious escape! Hopefully.



Welcome back to the deadly Tower of Riddles by Briar Rose! Last time we got about halfway through, and now we’re ready to face some serious mental challenges on our way to freedom. That's easier said than done, as we now have to think about lots of numbers, identify non-American flags and yes, even yell at water. The final boss battle is a real kicker too, so be warned.

As with Part 1, we’re joined by Matt from the Super Circuitcast and assume our character roles as a giraffe with a bowler hat (Peter), the creepy snow shovel guy from Home Alone (Eric) and an anthropomorphic, asexual banana (Matt).

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Peter is all things to all people. More specifically, he is the co-host and editor of your two favorite podcasts, Funk Radio and Go Your Own Way.
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