The 10 Weirdest Video Game Commercials

Sometimes a video game commercial can be pretty straightforward. Some footage from the game, a quick one-liner from the protagonist, and a title with optional release date. Sometimes, though, companies decide to do something different. Sometimes they decide to do something... really weird.

1) This Majora's Mask commercial will scare the crap out of you

There are plenty of different elements of The Legend of Zelda: Majroa's Mask that they could have decided to focus on, and while the moon falling is certainly a large part of the game, the amount of attention this commercial places on it and the vividness with which it does so are honestly really creepy. Added bonus for actually showing us very little of the game.

2) Nintendo gets unexpectedly violent

This may not be one of the weirder commercials on this list, but keep in mind that when this commercial first aired, Super Smash Bros. wasn't an established franchise. Four, fun-loving, happy nintendo characters strolling along suddenly start beating the crap out of each other? Might throw you for a bit of a loop.

3) Playstation loses their minds

This has to be the weirdest video game commercial ever made. Supposedly meant to sell the Playstation 2, but... I still have a hard time understanding what a weird alien girl talking in a scottish accent has to do with the console...

4) Link and crew get funky

This commercial for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was only shown in Japan, so you'd be excused for not remembering it. Depending on how you look at it this either the best or worst video game commercial ever made, but one thing's for certain, it certainly is strange.

5) Killer Instict likes to throw in a lot of weird sounds

This Killer Instinct ad for the Super Nintendo certain likes to make a lot of weird sounds. I'm not entirely sure what the idea was behind this, but at least it has some gameplay and manages to highlight the fact that the game has "sixteen bits!"

6) The Nintendo Gamecube is apparently a scary goth chick

This commercial for the Gamecube launch title Luigie's Mansion is just so much "what?" If anything, this actually makes me want to buy a gamecube even less. And I've had my gamecube since launch day.

7) This is how video games work, right?

I want to forgive this commercial because when Pole Position came out, marketers were probably still trying to figure out how to sell games to the general public. But even still, I can't imagine a commercial this abrasive and weird would seem like a good idea to a rational group of people.

8) Birdo makes you have uncomfortable feelings

This Japanese commercial for Super Mario Bros. 2 (Or Super Mario USA, as it is apparently called over there) is fairly strange for several reasons. The commercial either reaches new levels of confusing or makes a lot more sense when you keep in mind that Birdo is a cross-dresser.

9) Donkey Kong is bad news

This commercial for Donkey Kong 64 was originally included on promotional VHS tapes given out in 1999. The weird thing about the commercial is what a menace Donkey Kong and his compatriates are made out to be. Why would anyone want to side with these fruit-based terrorists?

10) Pure insanity

This is less a commercial for the Playstation 3 and more along the lines of someone's answer to the question "what would happen if you gave David Lynch 20 tabs of LSD, a baby doll, and 24 hours to put together a 30 second spot with a PS3 in it?"


Bonus Entry) I somehow missed out on this commercial when I was doing my... uh... research. It's so weird, though, that I absolutely had to add it on to this list. A Playstation 2 commercial actually directed by David Lynch. Just... watch it and tell me it isn't the weirdest thing you've ever seen.

Special thanks to N4G user hazelamy for bringing this video to my attention!


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