We're On an Island, and Everything Wants to Kill Us [Podcast]

It's 1937, and we're a lonely girl on an island off the coast of Maine. There's no dungeons or spaceships in this week's story, but there is an ocean, a lighthouse and some old people. That's basically the same thing, right?



The deadly sea? Nazi animals? Old people sex? This story's got everything! (Well, our interpretation does anyway). Step with us onto the rickety dock of Acadia Island, a cold and dreary place where our grandpa lives, and where we might die. This is The Adventures of Phoebe McGee, Episode 1: The Lighthouse by casmith.

Our custom characters this week are a muscle-flexing babe-loving bro (Jen), equipped with a lawful good talking sword (Eric) and a magical backpack (Peter). Prepare yourself for the expedition (and exposition) of a lifetime!

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Peter is all things to all people. More specifically, he is the co-host and editor of your two favorite podcasts, Funk Radio and Go Your Own Way.
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