We're Seriously Never Trusting a Piano Again [Podcast]

In this week's story we've got a cleaning business that pays the college bills, but things get a little creepy when we get called to an old, dirty mansion. Will we be brutally murdered, or is this hot millionaire playboy just misunderstood?



Your favorite choose-your-own-adventure podcast is back with another exciting installment! This week Jen picked a horror story called 331 Oakmount Drive by Yunakitty, courtesy of ChooseYourStory.com. We soon learn that some things really are worse than cleaning up after a frat party. But what's this? The rich owner of the house is "hunk city"? Well, dying by him couldn't be too bad, right?

Our custom characters this week are an innocent Catholic schoolgirl (Jen), a really lazy superintendent (Eric) and a 500-pound man (Peter). Grab your favorite cleaning appliances and trudge with us to the creaky, spider-webby doorstep of adventure!

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Peter is all things to all people. More specifically, he is the co-host and editor of your two favorite podcasts, Funk Radio and Go Your Own Way.
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