Your Definitive Guide to All of Netflix's Original Series

You're probably aware that Netflix has begun producing their own original series, but it might surprise you to learn just how much more there is beyond House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. In fact, there are over three dozen shows in the cooker, with over half of those slated to premiere this year.

So pull up a seat, grab a drink, and let's dive into everything we'll soon be seeing on Netflix.


January 16

The Fall - Season 2

It's not technically a Netflix Original, but this is the only place you're going to be seeing it outside of the UK. The series stars Gillian Anderson (Scully from The X-Files) as a police officer investigating a string of murders in Ireland.

The Adventures of Puss and Boots

The latest in DreamWorks Animation/Netflix's partnership, The Adventures of Puss in Boots will be a TV spin-off of the film Puss in Boots, which is itself a spin-off for a character introduced in a sequel to Shrek, and who also appeared in two more Shrek movies, and now my head hurts.


February 27

House of Cards - Season 3

Kevin Spacey is back, and avoiding spoilers for those who haven't caught up... he's found himself in a very interesting position at the end of Season 2. It's hard to imagine where the series is going next, but I'm sure it'll involve eating ribs and breaking the fourth wall in some capacity.


March 6

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Tina Fey and 30 Rock writer/producer Robert Carlock team up for this comedy about a doomsday cult survivor. Yes, comedy. Netflix ordered two seasons of this one right off the bat, so one can imagine that it's probably pretty good.


March 20


We don't know much about this one yet, other than it's a dark family thriller set in the Florida Keys that's set off when the "black sheep" brother of the clan returns home. The series comes from the minds of Damages co-creators  Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler, and Daniel Zelman, so if you're a fan of that one, that should give you some indication as to what it'll be like.


March TBA

Trailer Park Boys - Season 9

The Trailer Park Boys have been doing their thing for almost 15 years now, and that's pretty awesome. Season 8 was Netflix's first exclusive deal with the series, with 9, 10, and 11 to follow on the streaming platform. That is a lot of Trailer Park Boys.


April 10


Yeah yeah Daredevil! This will be the first of Netflix and Marvel's very exciting new partnership, which should hopefully expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a very unique way. Daredevil will set the scene for three additional Netflix/Marvel series, culminating in an Avengers-esque miniseries called The Defenders.


May 8

Grace and Frankie

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlinstar as two frenemies who are brought together after their respective husbands reveal that they're in love, and plan on getting married. If nothing else, the fact that they got Fonda and Tomlin for a Netflix series should go to show just how quickly they're catching up with network TV.


June TBA

Orange Is the New Black - Season 3

Orange is the New Black was a breakout hit for Netflix when it debuted in 2013, and the series is still going strong. Just last year it received 12 Primetime Emmy Award nominations, a major step in the right direction for Netflix's original content initiative.


Early 2015

Richie Rich

Produced by the DreamWorks Animation-owned AwesomenessTV studio, this series is based on the Harvey Comics' character of the same name, and stars Jake Brennan as the eponymous character.


Spring 2015

DreamWorks Dragons - Season 3

The first two seasons of this animated series based on How to Train Your Dragon aired on Cartoon Network. With the third season, it's finding a new home on Netflix.


This DreamWorks Animation series is based on a children's book set in a world inhabited by creatures that are part truck, part dinosaur. It's called Dinotrux, what did you expect?





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