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    The Super Circuitcast! 01/28/15! Sequels! [Podcast]

    With the overwhelming number of sequels released last year, Matt, Jen, Rami, Ryan, and Sean decided to discuss video game sequels and franchises in this episode.

    Jan 28
    The Most Helpful Styrofoam Cup Ever! [Go Your Own Way E14]

    In this sequel-tastic tale, we resume our role as Clover Seven: Ace Attorney to fight our most challenging court case yet! Can we unolock the secrets of the heart and find out who poisoned the guy?

    Jan 23
    A Gay Old Time! [Funk Radio E108]

    Today we share a few musical artists and songs that made a positive impact in the gay community during the 70s and early 80s, a time when being openly homosexual was generally frowned upon.

    Jan 23
    The Super Circuitcast! 01/14/15! Remasters and Re-releases! [Podcast]

    This time, on the Super Circuitcast, the gang discusses remastered re-releases of video games. Yes, Matt, Ryan, and Sean discuss the merits of such a practice. Also, Jen and Rami are there as well. Listen below!

    Jan 13
    Much Ado About Album Art [Funk Radio E107]

    Today we focus on album artwork, an essential piece of music distribution that we tend to take for granted. Has the role of album art changed over time? What are some of our favorite examples?

    Jan 13
    Your Guide to High Res Audio Players [Funk Radio E106]

    Today we introduce a couple of portable "high resolution" music players on the market. MP3 is far from the best audio quality out there, but how much (or little) does that really affect our everyday listening?

    Jan 8
    The Super Circuitcast! 01/07/14! Favorite Games of 2014 and Most Anticipated Games of 2015! [Podcast]

    Hello listeners! I know the holidays are always hard on all of us, and the Super Circuitcast crew took a few weeks off, but now they're back with a double helping of Circuitcast goodness! Listen below as Matt, Moo, Rami, Ryan, and Sean discuss their favorite games of 2014 and their most anticapted games of 2015 in two different, but equally important, episodes!

    Jan 6
    The Living Room Congress, Session 62: Jingle That Rock-Horse, Christmas Bell! [Podcast]

    DOTA gets sexy; Minecraft has a story, I guess; Game Time! Grant gets a razor; Leo visits Prussia; Mike gets some old mail; Ryan celebrates the pagan way.

    Jan 5
    The Living Room Congress, Session 61: Tube Accidents Or Heart Attacks [Podcast]

    Mad Max looks young; Deathproof was definitely crappy; Stephen Hawking is no Newton; Phantasy Star Online makes a major comeback and is completely culturally relevant; Square Enix makes another boo boo.

    Jan 1
    Judge Booty is a Real Thing, but That's Only Partially Relevant [Go Your Own Way E13]

    Order in the court! In this episode we play a defense attorney trying to win our first murder case involving a museum, some icicles, and a lot of thinking.

    Dec 20


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