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A Gay Old Time! [Funk Radio E108]


Today we share a few musical artists and songs that made a positive impact in the gay community during the 70s and early 80s, a time when being openly homosexual was generally frowned upon.

Much Ado About Album Art [Funk Radio E107]


Today we focus on album artwork, an essential piece of music distribution that we tend to take for granted. Has the role of album art changed over time? What are some of our favorite examples?

Your Guide to High Res Audio Players [Funk Radio E106]


Today we introduce a couple of portable "high resolution" music players on the market. MP3 is far from the best audio quality out there, but how much (or little) does that really affect our everyday listening?

You Got Your White People In My Black Music! [Funk Radio E105]


Today we focus on the relatively few White artists who made names for themselves among the primarily Black soul and funk genres. Generally these performers are lumped under the pseudo-genre "blue-eyed soul" which comprises a few big names that might surprise you.

The Defining Artists of 90s R&B [Funk Radio E104]


Today we turn back the clocks to an era of music we're not as familiar with (but still appreciate) - the R&B and New Jack Swing movement that more or less defined popular music throughout the 1990s.

Sing-Along Songs! [Funk Radio E103]


Today we explore a few songs that we personally enjoy singing along to, and dive deeper into the reasons behind this phenomenon. Are there specific factors that determine whether we sing along to one and not another?

Giving Credit Where Credit's Not Due [Funk Radio E102]


Today we have a few laughs about funky bands, songs and even genders that we commonly get mixed up. These confused pairs may have a similar sound, similar names, or both.

Funky Artists Who Got Big... Literally [Funk Radio E101]


Today we return from our 100th anniversary hiatus to tell you all about some funky artists who gained a lot of weight after falling from popularity. You can read that as some kind of social commentary, but we assure you we're just terrible people.

Racism Has Shaped Music As We Know It [Funk Radio E100]


Today we spend our 100th episode theorizing how racism and discrimination have historically (and unfortunately) developed music into what it is today.

Your Grandma Might Be a Famous Rapper! [Funk Radio E99]


Today we quickly reveal a recent Facebook trend - grandmothers are mistakenly tagging themselves as rap pioneer Grandmaster Flash.

5 Songs That Advocate Cheating [Funk Radio E98]


Today we unveil a handful of songs that focus on infidelity in relationships, but in a relatively positive manner. While these are primarily from the cheater's point of view, we end up exploring some other rather unique perspectives as well.

4 Songs That Advocate Stalking [Funk Radio E97]


Today we hide in the bushes and peek through windows to witness a handful of songs about the age-old pasttime of stalking. Is it objectively a bad thing, or is creepiness in the eye of the beholder?

How NOT to Dance the Hustle! [Funk Radio E96]


Today we give you a brief history and dance lesson on the Hustle craze which took the world by storm in 1977. But did you know it existed years before then, and in a few different forms?

5 Songs We Didn't Know Were About Prostitution [Funk Radio E95]


Today we bring a few funk/soul songs to the table that deal with the subject of prostitution. The funny thing is, for the most part we weren't aware of this until now.

Funk Radio E94 - Makes People Want to Buy Things [Podcast]


Today we briefly theorize why funk/soul music seems to always be playing in grocery stores and the like. Does funk make people buy things?


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