Funk Radio

Funk Radio E04 - Funk Radio, Oklahoma [Podcast]


Today we introduce you to some famous musical groups made up of siblings, as Kyle struggles to find his own catchphrase.

Funk Radio E03 - Everything Is Not Candy Coated! [Podcast]


Today we delve into the history of protest songs, and how social and economic unrest has helped develop soul music as we know it today.

Funk Radio E02 - Tell Us About The Raisins! [Podcast]


Today we touch on soul songs used in recent commercials, plus bendy rulers, crystal meth and burritos.

Funk Radio E01 - We Can Only Move Up From Here! [Podcast]


Today we kick off the series discussing Bobby Womack's new album, deep fried pb&j, summer concert experiences, the Bee Gees and playing Monopoly with Nicolas Cage.

How do I dance the Hustle? What is the Motown Sound? Who is Bootsy Collins? Join us for fun but informative discussions surrounding one of the most significant (yet often overlooked) cultural movements in music - the styles of soul, disco and funk.


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