Go Your Own Way

The Most Helpful Styrofoam Cup Ever! [Go Your Own Way E14]


In this sequel-tastic tale, we resume our role as Clover Seven: Ace Attorney to fight our most challenging court case yet! Can we unolock the secrets of the heart and find out who poisoned the guy?

Judge Booty is a Real Thing, but That's Only Partially Relevant [Go Your Own Way E13]


Order in the court! In this episode we play a defense attorney trying to win our first murder case involving a museum, some icicles, and a lot of thinking.

Snakes, Piranhas and... a Magical Joint? [Go Your Own Way E12]


What dangers lurk in the thick jungles of Marco Island? There's more to fear than you might expect. Step back in time with us to the Victorian era and search for a lost party of men!

No Seriously, Where is Carmen Sandiego? [Go Your Own Way E11]


Where in the world is she? It turns out that's not the easiest question to answer, so we're on an epic global hunt to stop this famous criminal. Grab your suitcase as we solve clues and learn about different cultures and places!

Vampires, Italians, and the Worst Ending We Could Imagine [Go Your Own Way E10]


We're halfway down the Tower of Riddles, but even more treacherous magic lies ahead! Listen in as we solve the riddles that lead to our glorious escape! Hopefully.

Either These Riddles are Dumb, or We Are [Go Your Own Way E09]


We're locked up in a scary castle tower, and the only way to escape is to solve its many ghostly riddles! Get ready for fun, frustration and possibly some cheating.

In Our Disturbing Conclusion, It Was Hitler All Along... or Something [Podcast]


We've been following this story for a few weeks now, and our adventuring sprits are weary. But we promise you this is the glorious conclusion to Phoebe's tale of mystery and horror. Whether that's death or victory is something you'll have to listen for yourself.

Did We Just Get Chased Through the Forest by Batman? [Podcast]


Things really take a weird turn in this installment of the Phoebe story. We discover an age-old battle of good versus evil, and encounter multiple deadly foes. Will this story just go on for eternity, or will we finally embrace death?

We're Leaving the Girl Behind and Gaining Ground on the Woman [Podcast]


The Adventures of Phoebe McGee continue as we spend a lot of time talking to an old woman, witnessing a bird fight, and possibly hurdling off a cliff to our doom. Suddenly the ominous ocean doesn't seem so bad.

We're On an Island, and Everything Wants to Kill Us [Podcast]


It's 1937, and we're a lonely girl on an island off the coast of Maine. There's no dungeons or spaceships in this week's story, but there is an ocean, a lighthouse and some old people. That's basically the same thing, right?

Friendship is Magic, But We Have Sh*t to Do! [Podcast]


We're switching it up this week with a triple-header of short story adventures! Step with us into Julius Caesar's sandals and try not to get assassinated. Then grab your ball gown for a Victorian-era journey through Pride and Prejudice. Then help us save a cat planet by overthrowing its evil dictator.

In Deep Space, Body Slamming is Always an Option [Podcast]


Come aboard our faster-than-light spaceship for a journey that bends the laws of space and time! Seriously though, distorted reality and time travel are only the beginning of our worries in this week's chilling tale.

We're Seriously Never Trusting a Piano Again [Podcast]


In this week's story we've got a cleaning business that pays the college bills, but things get a little creepy when we get called to an old, dirty mansion. Will we be brutally murdered, or is this hot millionaire playboy just misunderstood?

Our Newest Podcast Has Adventure, Torture and Maybe Sandwiches


Adventure is around every corner, but will our next choice lead to glorious victory or certain doom? Join Eric, Jen and Peter for Go Your Own Way, an exciting new podcast that follows "choose your own adventure" stories and the mysterious consequences that await.

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