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The Super Circuitcast! 01/28/15! Sequels! [Podcast]


With the overwhelming number of sequels released last year, Matt, Jen, Rami, Ryan, and Sean decided to discuss video game sequels and franchises in this episode.

The Super Circuitcast! 01/14/15! Remasters and Re-releases! [Podcast]


This time, on the Super Circuitcast, the gang discusses remastered re-releases of video games. Yes, Matt, Ryan, and Sean discuss the merits of such a practice. Also, Jen and Rami are there as well. Listen below!

The Super Circuitcast! 01/07/14! Favorite Games of 2014 and Most Anticipated Games of 2015! [Podcast]


Hello listeners! I know the holidays are always hard on all of us, and the Super Circuitcast crew took a few weeks off, but now they're back with a double helping of Circuitcast goodness! Listen below as Matt, Moo, Rami, Ryan, and Sean discuss their favorite games of 2014 and their most anticapted games of 2015 in two different, but equally important, episodes!

The Super Circuitcast! 12/17/14! Games For Windows Live! [Podcast]


This week, Dark Souls sheds the need for Games for Windows Live, and the Super Circuitcast crew celebrates and remembers fondly other gaming services that aren't Steam.

The Super Circuitcast! 12/10/14! The 2014 Game Awards! [Podcast]


The 2014 Game Awards have come and gone, but what did the Super Circuitcast crew think of the awards show? Listen in and find out!

The Super Circuitcast! 12/03/14! Music in Video Games! [Podcast]


Get ready for a double-stuffed helping of Super Circuitcast as Jen, Matt, Ryan, Rami, Sean, and special guest Peter, discuss music in video games!

The Super Circuitcast! 11/26/14! Games of Futures Past (AKA Games That Will Probably Never Get Made)! [Podcast]


On today's episode of The Super Circuitcast, Matt, Moo, and Ryan discuss games they'd love to see, but will probably never actually get made.

The Super Circuitcast! 11/19/14! Hearthstone, Starcraft, and Overwatch: Blizzcon 2014! [Podcast]


Another year, another Blizzcon. But with big Hearthstone and Starcraft announcements - not to mention Overwatch! - there's plenty to talk about!

The Super Circuitcast! 11/12/14! Gaming Socialization! [Podcast]


This time around, Ryan, Sean, Moo, and Rami discuss the complexities of socializing through gaming and playing with friends. Also, plenty of references to penises.

The Super Circuitcast! 11/05/14! Mini-Games: Games Within Games! [Podcast]


Welcome to a very special episode of the Super Circuitcast! What's special about it? Nothing in particular, actually. Our topic of conversation today: mini-games within other games.

The Super Circuitcast! 10/29/14! Surprisingly Spooky Games! [Podcast]


Have you ever been playing through a totally normal game, when suddenly - bam! Something spooky happens? Well we have, and we talk about it right here on the Super Circuitcast!

The Super Circuitcast! 10/22/14! Abandoned Games! [Podcast]


This week, Matt, Moo, Ryan, Sean, and Jen discuss abandoned games - that is to say, games that we started and never finished. Why does this happen? Which games did we give up on? Will Moo make inappropriate jokes? Probably, but tune in to find out for sure!

The Super Circuitcast! 10/15/14! 100 Episodes, 100 Games [Podcast]


Woah! It's episode number 100 for the Super Circuitcast, and in celebration, the whole crew (Matt, Sean, Ryan, Rami, Jen, and Moo) get together to give super quick reviews of 100 games that have come out over the last 100 episodes of the show. Join us for an hour-long escapade into insanity!

The Super Circuitcast! 10/08/14! Drinking and Video Games! [Podcast]


Do you like drinking and play video games? Do you like drinking in video games? Do you like playing drinking games? Well good news, because this week, Matt, Ryan, Moo, Rami, and Sean discuss the connections between alcohol and gaming! Grab a nice cold one, and listen in. 

The Super Circuitcast! 10/01/14! Super Smash Bros. Four!? [Podcast]


Join Matt, Jen, Ryan, and Rami for a very special Super Smash Bros. Super Circuitcast. Who got a chance to play the 3DS demo, and what did they think? Did they like it or were they just plain wrong? Find out by listening in!


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