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The Super Circuitcast! 09/24/14! Exploration in Games! [Podcast]


Matt, Jen, Sean, Rami, and Moo take some time (maybe a little too much time?) to discuss exploration in games. Strap in everybody, cuz we ain't just talkin' 'bout your grandpappy's open world games. We gettin' real with this one. 

The Super Circuitcast! 09/17/14! What's Your Perfect Game? [Podcast]


This week, Matt, Ryan, Rami, and Sean discuss their ideal games. What kind of games did they imagine they'd be playing in ten years when they were kids? Are those games being made now? Find out on this exciting episode of the Super Circuitcast!!

The Super Circuitcast! 09/10/14! The Walking Dead Season 2! [Podcast]


Join Matt, Ryan, and introducing Jen, as they discuss the emotional tumultuousness that is Telltales' Walking Dead Season 2, including conversations on whether certain elements work or not, comparissons to Sesaon 1, and lots and lots of spoilers. Beware!

The Super Circuitcast! 09/04/14! Hearthstone, Distance, Pigeon Dating, D&D! [Podcast]


This week, join Matt, Ryan, and Sean as they discuss such riveting topics as Hearthstone (yes, again), Distance (it's a racing game - check it out!), Hatoful Boyfriend (it's a pigeon dating sim - don't check it out!), and Dungeons and Dragons (the real-life kind, not a video game kind). Also, some other stuff, probably?

The Super Circuitcastarino! 08/27/14! Metal Gear Solid V, Halo 2, and Fantasia [Podcast]


In this episoderino, Matt, Rami, Sean, and Moo discuss the upcoming PC release of Metal Gear Solid V, Matt forces everyon to talk about Halo and Destiny, and Rami tries to justify his enjoyment of Disney's Fantasia game. Much yelling and jokes ensue.

The Super Circuitcast! 08/20/14! The Insanity of Hideo Kojima and Nostalgia [Podcast]


This week, Matt, Ryan, Sean, and Moo talk about P.T. AKA Silent Hills, an upcoming game from Hideo Kojima (what) Guillermo Del Toro (what?) and Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead (WHAT??), and also about the problem of revisiting games we have a lot of nostalgia for.

The Super Circuitcast! 08/13/14! Mass Effect 3 and Spooky Games! [Podcast]


Join our intrepid heroes this week as they discuss the joys of revisiting Mass Effect 3 and the tenants of game design in horror games. Careful, this episode may prove to be 2spooky4u. Listen at your own risk.

The Super Circuitcast! 07/23/14! Metal Gear Dark: Souls of Warcraft! [Podcast]


This week on the Super Circuitcast! Rami, S, and Matt talk about Dark SoulsMetal Gear Solid, and Hearthstone. Matt also attempts to talk about episodic gaming, but really, who cares? Everyone knows that we're all just here for the butt jokes, anyway.

The Super Circuitcast! 07/17/14! Brought to you by Taco Bell! [Podcast]


Join the whole sick crew, including Matt, Moo, Rami, Ryan, and S, as they tell disgusting fish taco stories and begrudgingly talk about MOBAs and weird Japanese music. What is this podcast even about anymore? Who knows! Listen and maybe you can find out.

The Super Circuitcast! 07/10/14! Warcraft, Blizzcon, and Hearthstone! [Podcast]


Rami, Ryan, and Moo round out the roster again this week, as the two amigos and Rami talk about a bunch of Blizzard stuff. Gonna be honest, if you're not interested in Warcraft, Hearthstone, or Blizzard in general, you're probably going to be bored. Or not! Listen and find out!

The Super Circuitcast! 07/02/14! League of Legends of Korra [Podcast]


Come on a mystical adventure as Rami, Ryan, and Moo discuss The Legend of Korra, Metal Gear Rising, and then, of course, League of Legends and other MOBAs.

The Super Circuitcast! 06/25/14! Steam Summer Sale! [Podcast]


This week, we try a slightly different format and Matt, Ryan, and Rami talk about the Steam Summer Sale, along with some other shenanigans.

The Super Circuitcast! 06/19/14! E3! [Podcast]


The 8CN crew went to E3 this past week and discuss some of the many games featured at the event. Matt, Ryan, S, and special guest, Dave, give you the lowdown on the good, the bad, and the ugly from this year's presentations.

The Super Circuitcast! 06/9/14! So What About That Battlefield: Hardline Leak? [Podcast]


The Battlefield: Hardline trailer was leaked recently and the 8CN crew talks a little about it. What modes will be available? Is there interest in a new Battlefield title? Join Rami, Ryan, and Matt as they discuss the future of the series.

The Super Circuitcast! 05/29/14! Is Steam In-Home Streaming Something We Want? [Podcast]


Valve's Steam In-Home Streaming is out of beta, but is it something you want in your life? Matt, Rami, Ryan, and Moo discuss the benefits of the new service and whether or not it's something Valve's customers are going to want or not.


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