Super Circuitcast

The Super Circuitcast! It Can Only Go Up From Here! [Podcast]


This week we have no topic. We're going topicless. If nothing else, it can't get any worse. We're sorry. Next week: We had no idea it could get worse.

The Super Circuitcast! We are the Middle Ground! [Podcast]


This week we get a little serious with a discussion of video game journalism, reviewing, and criticism. Also we talk about why Adam Najberg is not a good word person. Be a true professional and make your way over to iTunes to pick up the latest episode. Or, listen to it immediately below if you're an important journalism person with important journalism things to do.

The Super Circuitcast! So Weird! [Podcast]


This week things get weird as we discuss gaming with the living dead. As opposed to living with the gaming dead. We're talking about zombie games. Probably. I'm a little confused right now to be honest. Moan and shamble your way over to iTunes to pick up the latest episode. Or, listen to it below if you get lost.

The Super Circuitcast! Social Butterflies! [Podcast]


This week we travel through time and space, and discuss our favorite (and least favorite) cons, expos, and festivals. So spread your beautiful wings, and soar to iTunes to pick up the latest episode. Or, listen to it below if, you know, you can't fly and such.

The Super Circuitcast! All the Feels! [Podcast]


This week we get a little heavy, with an in-depth roundtable on negative emotions and decision making in video games. Don't worry though, we also swear and make dick jokes, so all is right with the world. Grab your comfort blanket and listen to the episode below, or subscribe via iTunes for weekly circuity goodness.

The Super Circuitcast! We Love You! [Podcast]


Holy crap, we're podcasting again? You better believe it! Unless we're not. In which case, I guess this is sort of a one-time thing. Limited edition? Who knows, you better buy sixty just in case! Or you could listen free below or on iTunes. Your call. What were we talking about again?


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