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The Crusaders Vol 1


EXT. Raika Conty Town Square
Town square, civilians and politicans are gathered around a podium waiting for someone to appear. A figure starts to walk to the podium. The figure is revealed to be Derick Raika.

Derick Raika

My Crazy Final Destination Theory


Perhaps it's a bit presumptuous to claim that a franchise as tiresome and repetitive as The Final Destination series be anything more than what it almost certainly is.

10 Ways to Get Involved in Our Community in 2015


Hey 8CN Community! 2014 is drawing to a close, and I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for being a part of this project.

How to Turn Far Cry 4 into a Goat Killing Simulator


It seems this particular gamer really dislikes goats, so he used every resource available to him to turn Far Cry 4 into a goat killing simulator

2014 NYCC is Offically the Biggest in Show's History


This year's NYCC was officially the biggest and largest in the show's nine year history.

An "Objective" Overview Of Gamergate


Responding to the first and most obvious criticism of this piece, there can be no truly objective human perspective. Humans by nature are influenced and shaped by their own experiences and thus will always be biased. For example my personal biases are that I’m a supporter of Feminism, very anti-censorship, anti-bullying and in favour of transparency and honesty within journalism of all kinds, hence this initial disclaimer.

Console Gamers Keep Fighting the Same Pointless Battles


Video game development company Ubisoft, once a bastion of unfettered creativity, continues to inspire controversy and frustration, prompting some to call them the “

Console Wars Are Pointless


We gamers love our games and consoles.  We have our favorites, past and present.  Some of us prefer consoles, others prefer personal computers.  Some gamers out there save up their money to buy the new console the day they come out.  There are some gamers that would rather keep their old console rather than get the new one.  Sadly, there are some gamers that actually pick fights over which console they think is better.

How Weird Al Keeps it Legal


Thank God for fair use laws.

Why It's Time to Get Excited About 'Far Cry 4'


Every calendar year there are about three or four video games that I feel are worthy of the title of Game of the Year. It’s lucky, then, that about two dozen games per year decide to crown themselves with that very same title.



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