Jogging with a Geek: Episode 1 - Left 4 Dead 2


So it's a couple days late, but the new Jogging With a Geek is up for all 2 of you that watch them.  This week I'm talking about the L4D2 DLC that came out last week, The Passing.  Quality is a little better and I appear a little balder, but I guess that's the trade off.  Or I'm actually going bald.  Which would totally suck.  Video after the break.

Jogging with a Geek: Episode 0 - Kick-Ass


Hey guys, you all know Captain_Bang, our resident Yu-Gi-Oh expert, webcomic connoisseur, and all-around awesome dude, but did you know he's working on his own video series? Well now you do. I'll let him explain the concept in full, but it involves exercise and geekiness, a combination I don't fully comprehend. This week, he's talking about Kick-Ass. Also, there's old people. If you're not already intrigued, you should be; it's funny, go watch:


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